Electronic Water meter of Fluidic Oscillation

Electronic Water meter of Fluidic Oscillation


Product Features

  1. High Accuracy (Q3/Q1=200)
  2. With No Moving Parts, Assured accuracy for the long time of measurement
  3. Built by engineering plastic which have Low thermal conductivity, it reinforced cold-resistance.
  4. IP 68 grade, drinkable water standard , hexagon water creation
  5. Installation in any direction, which will not give influence to Accuracy.
  6. Over 8 year in battery life
  7. Compatible with various kinds of communication
  8. Adopt Polyketon, one of eco-friendly plastic which contains Formaldehyde free

Fluidic Oscillation Principle

A special design of water flow chamber creates a fluctuating pressure sequence that causes the water flow to oscillate.
The fluidic oscillator consists of a nozzle, a bi-stable diffuser and two feedback
Channels and classified into two different groups – wall attachment devices and
jet interaction devices.

The oscillators in the wall-attachment class(our product) are based on the attachment of a fluid jet to an adjacent wall, a phenomenon known as the Coanda effect.
Based on magnetic force being produced during this process, Our Meter measure flow of water detected by electrode.


AMR block diagram

AMR system

  • Operated by Zigbee, which need very little consumption of electricity
  • Smart Grid Water System Implementation using Smart Meter.

Remote Reading Meter by scan

  • Remote meter reading using smart phone or tablet pc during walk-by or drive-by